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“Knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly” best describes our associates at Cate Drilling Solutions that allows us the honor to be one of the leading and oldest rotary and crawler drill distributors in the country. Our dedicated parts and service personnel located at our five convenient branch locations combine their expertise for over 200 years of experience to best serve your drilling requirements. Our parts specialists really do understand your urgency when your drills are down and not putting holes in the ground. A “MACHINE DOWN” phone call puts everyone into high gear to get the drill up and running as soon as possible with the RIGHT PARTS at the RIGHT PRICE and RIGHT NOW! Our average new parts inventory consists of over 6500 parts with a value of over $7 million. We can also offer Cate remanufactured or Atlas Copco remanufactured hydraulics, gear drives, compressor air ends, and rotary heads as component exchange or offer to rebuild your unit for you. In the rare event we do not stock what you are looking for, our parts specialists will do whatever it takes to get your parts from the factory in the quickest time possible. We put our reputation, our skill and know how, and our history on the line every time you call us. When you cannot afford for your drill to be down, call one of our convenient branch locations nearest you and we will gladly assist you 24 / 7 / 365 days a year.     

 Remanufactured Parts

Why throw away or even buy new when you can recycle, save money, and yet not sacrifice performance all at the same time?



Cate Drilling Solutions (CDS) is proud to offer remanufactured components to meet your drill’s requirements. Our 10,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility located in Salt Lake City, specializes in remanufacturing hydraulic pumps and motors, hydraulic cylinders, gear drives, rotary heads, compressor air ends,   pump drives, and more. No cylinder diameter is too big or has a stroke too long as our shop can handle cylinders up to and including 40 foot stroke. No one knows drills like Drilling Solutions and no one knows the components that make the drills operate properly like Drilling Solutions. CDS uses OEM parts to ensure your unit is brought back to “as new” specifications. All units are completely dismantled, inspected, and completely reassembled by our seasoned and factory trained technicians. Each remanufactured component is fully tested during and after reassembly to guarantee factory “as new” specifications and settings are met. CDS uses our 150 hp hydraulic test bench with the test results recorded via an attached data logger computer. Each hydraulic pump/motor is shipped in a custom manufactured wooden crate along with a copy of the electronic test results indicating operating characteristics like flow rates, pressure, temperature, etc. Every CDS remanufactured unit receives a 6 month, unlimited hour warranty from date of re-installation (after registration) of the component on your drill. FYI, factory new components only carry a 3 month warranty. How’s that for confidence?  

If you CANNOT WAIT for us to remanufacture YOUR unit for you, Cate has a huge inventory of re-man components in stock available for immediate exchange. If you CAN WAIT, we can remanufacture your specific unit. Either way or either decision, call us at 800-453-8248 for a complete quote, estimated turn around time, and instructions.

OSMI Parts

Any good stocking dealer with a dedicated goal to have parts in stock that a customer’s drill might need usually ends up with excess parts inventory after long periods of time. Reasons this situation occurs can be attributed to several primary causes such as the drill for which the parts were intended is no longer in commission, the part in stock has been replaced by the OEM to another part, our customer has located another source for the part or modified the drill, or we just miscalculated our forecast and overstocked the quantity needed, etc. When this happens our error can save you dollars. Our branches generally end up at the end of the year with many thousands of dollars of factory OEM parts that we must move to make warehouse space for parts that are still needed and required by our customers. On this website you can find a listing under PARTS entitled Overstocked and Slow Moving Inventory (OSMI). Some of the parts you might have been looking for and previously not been able to find could be on this list at discounted prices. Many older drills have been resurrected with these hard to find parts. Our overstock is your gain!  

Used Parts

On occasion Cate Drilling Solutions finds ourselves with parts that have been installed on a drill and used for short periods of time but, for one reason or another are removed. When this is occurs, these items are stocked as “used” since they have been previously installed. Other times new drills are delivered into our territory from the factory are equipped with options or other parts that were not ordered by the customer and asked to be removed. Again, these parts are considered “used” and are stocked accordingly. As with OSMI (overstocked and slow moving inventory) these used parts can be purchased at significant savings. 

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